5 Easy DIY Glass Planters

With spring just around the corner maybe you too are looking for ways to add a few more plant babies to your collection? We worked with Oui by Yoplait to share this tutorial for five simple ways to recycle small glass containers into planters. The key word here is simple—you don’t have to be an expert crafter to enjoy these plant projects.

Have you seen the Oui yogurts in stores yet? They are the French style yogurts that come in the little glass jars. They immediately stuck out to me when I first saw them months ago because of the cute jar, and I was impressed when I saw that the plain version is made with only two ingredients (milk and cultures) and is non-GMO. Although I must admit that I also like a lot of their other flavors too, as two new ones that I enjoy are Mango and Key Lime. And of course I could simply recycle the glass jars after enjoying, but because they are so cute I’ve been saving and using them for all sorts of things, like tiny juice glasses, organizing things (paper clips on my office desk right now) and these fun little planter projects.

You could easily modify any of these tutorials to work with different sized glass or even ceramic containers. These are cute for planters around the house or to gift to friends. I don’t know about you but I am never mad when a friend gives me a new little plant to enjoy. 

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