How to Make a Giant Valentine’s Day Wreath

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There is always a good reason for a wreath…especially a giant heart wreath for Valentine’s Day. I’ve already shown you how to make a giant christmas wreath using a hula hoop! This time around, we’re getting a bit tricky to create our own heart shaped wreath form using the simplest of crafting supplies…foam board! Yep – the same stuff you use for your science fair projects!

You can make this giant valentine’s day wreath as large as you want! It’s the perfect photo backdrop for a party or even a wedding!


You’ll need just a few simple supplies to create your heart shaped wreath form:

A large sheet of foam board
a large sheet of chipboard or cardboard
a pen or pencil
a craft knife

How to Make a half heart cardboard


Draw and cut out a large half-heart shape from the chipboard/cardstock

tracing a heart onto foam board

Tracing a heart image onto foam board


Trace the half heart shape onto the foam board to create a full heart shape

tracing a heart onto foam board

making a heart wreath form


Now draw a second heart shape inside the first , just like in the photo. Then cut it out and trace onto the foam board

cut heart shape from foam board


Use a craft knife to cut out the heart wreath form

cut out leaves and paper flowers for wreath

glue leaves and flowers onto foam board

Once you’ve made your foam heart wreath form – it’s time to decorate!! This is the fun part. I cut out a bunch of leaf shapes from green cardstock and used my Cricut to create some paper flowers. You could also your faux flowers from the floral department of JOANN!


When you’re done you won’t see any of the foam…just a beautiful heart shaped wreath!



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