Painting With Shaving Cream


Looks really colorful!! Kind of looks like something you can eat! But this isn’t going to be It’s still going to be a fun project! You want to know what this is!! My names Ray Pajar and welcome to Get Crafty Crafty! Today we’re going to be painting wist shaving cream! technique that you can actually kids of all ages and it’s messy but where you could actually have fun! Let go ahead and get started with today’s project! for today’s project include: some small bowls, if you don’t have liquid watercolor, food coloring can actually work as a great substitute, for this project, a latex glove, and some crayons.

Today we’ll be using the from Crayola! First take your bowl with shaving cream. take your liquid watercolor and give a few squeezes onto your shaving cream! Using your paint brush and your shaving cream together. You want to do this carefully so that you could keep the foaminess of your shaving cream! Repeat the same steps to get other colors. to draw something cool on your paper. To paint with your shaving cream you could either apply it and have a little messy fun and use your latex glove onto your paper. Feel free to mix and match your colors and spread it around. If you do paint with your fingers greater range of control the foam. The shaving cream actually. because you actually get to blend it in on your project! When you’re working your shaving cream paint. have fun with it! Just because I don’t want to get any If you are using using the glove.

Just because when you’re using your hands it actually allows you to technique a little bit more. create really cool patterns on your paper. With the shaving cream it’s really east to clean up. You just need a quick wet nap to wipe your table It dries almost if you have a thin layer of color. show kids how to Thanks again for watching Get Crafty Crafty!

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