The Happy Planner Miss Maker is at JOANN…


The Happy Planner Girl Collection is available JOANN …and I’m kind of a excited about it.

For almost a year, I’ve been sounding the planner trumpet, in hopes I could bring more of my crafty family into the planner fold. Many of you have jumped on board enthusiastically – heck – when it involves stickers and cute papers, it’s not a tough sell.

There are a few of you, though, you were still on the fence. Being the battleax that I am, I love challenge and with the release of The Happy Planner Miss Maker collection, it appears that all my planner prayers have been answers.

If you are a crafter, this planner collection is for you
If you are a blogger, this planner collection is for you
If you are hungry for inspiration, this planner collection is for you
…and if you have an insatiable need for rainbows, well…this planner collection is DEFINITELY for you!

Today on the JOANN Facebook Page, I did a fun tour through the entire Happy Planner Miss Maker collection including some of my favorite tips and tricks for using this planner in your own life. Take a look at it HERE and ask your questions! I’d love to help answer them! Here are a couple of the most popular questions:

“What is Happy Planner Girl?”

Every year, The Happy Planner releases a premium collection of planners built around certain themes. These five collections are collectively referred to as “Happy Planner Girl.”  This year, there are five collections: Faith Warrior, Socialite, Super Mom, Healthy Hero and Miss Maker – which is EXCLUSIVELY available at JOANN.

entire Happy Planner

How do I get started with a Happy Planner?! It’s overwhelming!!

Girl! I hear ya. I spent a long time trying to settle into a planner that I loved. There are a TON out there. To get started with your planner, I would recommend picking a collection you like and sticking to that collection only. Don’t buy a TON of product until you figure out how you like to use your Happy Planner. Once you have a system down, then you can expand to more goodies. Start with a planner – like the Miss Maker planner – and add on a few accessories like the Sticker packs, Sticky Notes, Washi and Folders.

Faith Warrior

How do you stay consistent with your planning? !

Give yourself 2-3 weeks to figure out how you like to set up your planner. This will be a time consuming process but once you get it done, you’ll be able to breeze through your weekly layouts. You’ll have a system and you’ll look forward to sitting down to your planner each week. I also like to set a “planner day” – usually Saturday or Sunday. This is when I sit down and create my weekly spread. Once the spread it done, I can fill in appointments and such.

Happy Planner

Maker planner



entire Happy Planner

To accompany that Facebook Live, I thought a bit of eye candy was in order! Some photos of the collection, featuring a few of my absolute favorites! Miss Maker is available right now in stores and ONLINE!!! Go, go, go!!!

Remember to share you questions here or on Facebook Live. I’m on a mission to make a planner out of you!! Let’s do this!

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